Somerset Regional Council Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – 7th April 2022.

I adore the Mad Hatter’s event. I was fortunate enough to be booked for a 2nd time and like previously its a very special community day 🙂

Yes I am DJ, but more than that I am an entertainer. I set up a Tea Party with lots of multi-coloured pom poms, chickens and rabbits, complete with a tea set and lollipops lol. Children, parents and even the police came to have some air tea…

The hula hoop challenges were rife. Everyone was trying to hula hoop with 2 or more and lets just say that Somerset have some very talented children! There was also prizes for best dressed and best hat!

As always Jenny did a fabulous job face paiting all the cuties!

Happy Easter Everyone! xoxoxoxo

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