How exciting my first ever blog about time! Starting my blog with a new founded market 😊 I attended an awesome 80s themed 50th and housewarming event last night.

It’s a new arena for me and I’m loving it 😊. The first 80s theme was a few months ago and it was also a great success (another 50th). The crowd at both events were super fun and dressed up to the hilt as their favourite 80s persona. Madonna, Back to the future, Boy George, a whoopie cushion lol just to name a few.

I really enjoyed that the pom poms and hula hoops were an epic hit too! I don’t stop dancing and entertaining and before long everyone was up. It’s such a nice feeling when you see the party step up and everyone gets into their groove and then all inhibitions are gone! Feel the FEAR but do it anyway is my motto and it works well if led by example i.e. 26,000 dance steps later lol 😉


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