William’s 18th Birthday – Saturday 1st February 2020

What an entrance to William’s birthday 😊 He wanted to walk in the Brothers Ipswich room to ‘Born this way’ and everyone stood and clapped.  Poor William felt a little overwhelmed, but quickly settled into his night of disco fun…

William wanted to hear Johnny Cash and do the Macarena with his friends.  Everyone loved the hula hoops and pom poms too. The highlight of the night was the ‘Git up’ where a $20 iTunes voucher was given out to the best dancer…

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Splash N Play Dance Party – Friday 20th December 2019

The first dance party here was a huge hit!  It was great to see all the families including mum and dads get up and boogie!  We even had one mother get up and teach us some Bollywood moves 😊 Ages ranging from kinder to older children and adults.  I was super touched to have some of the teenaged boys come up to me and hug it out saying “It was the best night ever” YAY!  I got to know some of the locals and looking forward to coming back January 22nd for Dance party number 2!

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Torque Ford/Honda End of year Christmas party – Saturday 14th December 2019

Thanks to the lovely Janelle (Director/owner) this was my third event 😊 Previously having djed at her daughter Hayley’s 16th and 18th birthday parties 😊  Thanks so much Janelle and I’m sorry I didn’t see you at this event…

Lovely team here… I was even invited to dinner – thanks so much Sue (pictured) and Janelle 😊

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Pullenvale State School Year 6 Graduation – Wednesday 11th December 2019

It was an exciting evening full of happy energy.  It was awesome to be invited along to help the year 6 students let of some much-needed steam and help send them off to high school with some disco love.  Photo booths, lolly jars, awards and acknowledgements capped off with a catered dinner made the night lovely for all 😊

The grade 6 students loved the microphone and the song of choice was ‘Let it go’ lol.  Best of luck in high school next year and congratulations for graduating…

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YMCA Jamboree Heights Competitive Awards night – Saturday 7th December 2019

It was a highly emotional event to see all of the Y-West stars at these awards.  Maike (Competitive Leader) put together an amazing event to reward all these gymnastic super stars.  Held at the Centenary Tavern the air-conditioning was ideal for a ‘bendy’ disco 😊 All the gymnasts were into the music, balloons which along with the poms poms and hula hoops provided all they needed to let loose! Congratulations to all the winners and participants.  A big shout out to Maike for the amazing event and for all of the recorded funny opinions of your team 😊

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Tugulawa Christmas Kindy Disco – Thursday 5th December 2019

What a magical night 😊 Firstly this is the 5th year in a row with these lovely people 😊 They have followed me from the get-go, and I couldn’t be more grateful – THANK YOU XX

We had all set up really early this year which gave me time to teach the very dedicated Educators ‘The Git up’.  All staff were such quick and eager learners and later that night we all performed it for the families – so cool!!

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YMCA Stafford end of year awards – Saturday November30th, 2019

Award times are always a blessing but combine them with a Disco and look out!  Step 1 (under 5s) and Step 2 (over 5) had split discos.  The kinders loved bouncing Rudolph on my parachute whilst showing off their gymnastic talents.  Sausage sizzle smell filled the gym floor and slushies most definitely cooled the very hot day down.  Community Christmas love was in the air.  The step 2 children battled it out with the hula hoops and staff member/circus performer Josie dazzled us all with her extraordinary hula hooping talent with spinning 2 at the same time (please refer below TikTok link).  I also met 2 younger doppelgangers who matched my epic energy levels and humour in every way.  I love how energy and souls talk 😊 Jen Centre Director finished leading the troops with the new YMCA song (funky version).  Thanks for having me and Merry Christmas everyone…

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Dynamic Duo Birthday Caroline’s 49th and Lachie’s 8th Birthdays – Saturday, November 9th, 2019

Right from the get-go I got a great feeling about this family.  They were so grateful, and kind and I was so right with this feeling, as I got hugged at the very beginning of the event.  Lachie who turned 8 loved to dress up and a cape was his chosen alias lol. Wow he can dance 😊 Please check out the TikTok link below… All of his friends rummaged through the dress ups and loved the photo frames and props for silly poses.  By the middle of the disco, parents were up dancing, dressing up and getting into the spirit too. A big conga line was formed, and all the children and I congaed the entire bowls club field lol with plenty of hi 5s along the way 😊 Caroline turned 49 and she rocked out a blonde wig (see below).  It was beautiful to see her and her mum Judy karaoke to Abba. Darren had my back with drinks and kept the children hydrated too – many thanks for that 😊 I was thrilled to also run into a former colleague, Mandy, and it just so happens that she sits on a school committee who might be looking into a disco with me now 😊 Buzzing vibes the entire night and to top of an already terrific event, I also got tipped and a beautiful bottle of bubbly – wow so special thanks so much again xxx

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Triple threat Birthday | Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

I was honored to be picked as the DJ for Caleb, Lachlan and Summer’s triple birthday.  All children were born in the same week 😊 Marshmello and Funnel Vision were the main song artists requested which got the children sporting their disco vibes.  Summer loved chasing the bubbles, whilst Lachlan loved jumping off high rocks and Caleb was making TikTok videos (see below link).  I couldn’t stop laughing at his commentary “This is my disco party” lol.  You even see me at the beginning of the video.  It puts a big smile on my dial and warms my heart to see their excitement.  As always I smashed my daily steps for the day YAY! #discodancesteps

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Teddy Bear’s picnic parade

What an EPIC community spirited event.  This was my first Somerset Regional council Teddy Bear’s picnic parade and feeling super grateful and excited that they picked me as their DJ/MC/Entertainer.  I moved to the Somerset region about a year ago and it’s the best thing I have ever done. I am finally in a community that really celebrates together and supports each other.  This was my 4th event with the Somerset regional council and I hope there are many more to come!

It was wonderful to liaise with Amanda Peterson for the event and today I met Mayor Graeme Lehmann and MP Sean Choat (Thanks for the lovely shout out for my DJ services Sean 😉).  Graeme enjoyed presenting the certificates to the little ones…

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