Tuesday March 17th I will never forget it.  Phones ringing off the hook and my email lit up and suddenly we are in a lockdown due to the Pandemic.  My next 4 months work postponed in a flash  and DJ Bex Discos 2020 comes to a screaming holt or so I thought…

Like most people my anxiety and mental health were challenged.  The mania kicked in but instead of freezing I decided to use the gifted time and energy rush to my advantage.

Low and behold Virtual DJ Bex Discos was born 🙂 (Check out set up below)

I converted one of my bedrooms to my Virtual room and spent endless hours on the set up.  I was so excited to deliver my first interactive online disco to 8 year old Raoul on Zoom. Complete with a Mine-craft theme, lots of Fortnight challenges and we even built a den (see below).

Armed with a variety of virtual backgrounds (see one below), I decided to branch out onto OBS and start streaming.  I am looking to do some live sets soon too.

I am proud to say that I now have a worldwide digital product YAY!!

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